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How can we use AI in the context of everyday work? How can people understand the AI they are working with? How can we foster this understanding? The project AIL AT WORK strives to answer these questions from a human-centered perspective. In an interdisciplinary cooperation we delve into the cognitive, social and emotional requirements that arise when AI is used in real-life work with human users in a social space. Together with industry partners, we develop new and modular measurements for AI Literacy (AIL) and evaluate them either as simulated AI-prototypes or in the field. For this evaluation, we make use of novel approaches such as eXTended AI and XR-testbeds.


AIL AT WORK hosts workshop at re:publica 2022

Participants collaborated to explore crucial dimensions in user-centered AI-design, focusing on the trustworthiness, perceived safety, and overall appeal of (non-)humanoid AI-representations in virtual reality (VR).

“Literally, ‘grasping AI’ is the mission at the heart of our workshop”, said Dr. Astrid Carolus, media psychologist and one of three primary investigators comprising AIL AT WORK. “Thus, we present very different representations of AI today, and allow participants to experience those in an immersive VR setting.” The research project funded by the federal ministry of labor and social affairs and its think tank Denkfabrik digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft aims to identify and assess key user competencies and attitudes enabling productive collaboration with and use of artificial intelligence in the workplace. To this end, the project team hosted a workshop at re:publica 2022 in Berlin. Collaboratively, the audience provided insights into mental representations of and associations with AI before rating the trustworthiness, competence, safety, threat, and general appeal of various AI representations. The results obtained will further guide AIL AT WORK in the endeavor to identify and assess key factors in outward appearance and representations of digital technology as well as how they affect human-computer interaction.


The MAILS Questionnaire is now online!
The Ail at Work Team presents the META AI LITERACY SCALE. You can try it out yourself!
AIL at Work informs about Research Aims
Together with State Secretary Lilian Tschan from the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the AIL at Work project informs about the research aims and shows the topic’s relevance in this video clip.

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