Human-Computer Interaction

HCI and PIIS Research Demos Week

20 Oct 2023

Demo Showcase on the 17th of October

On the first day of Research Demos Week, 18 academic visitors from the University of Bergen in Norway visited the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (CAIDAS). At the beginning of the event, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho gave a talk on AI and Data Science, and afterward, Prof. Dr. Marc Erich Latoschik delivered a speech on eXtended Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Following the presentations, the ‘Virtually Me’ demo and the ‘Universal Access to Social XR’ demo were showcased to the visitors.

Impressions on the 17th of October

Introduction of CAIDAS by Prof. Hotho.
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction by Prof. Latoschik.
Demonstration of the Universal Access to Social XR Demo.
Visitors trying out the Virtually Me Demo.

Demo Showcase on the 18th of October

Our second demo session was part of this year’s annual conference of the “Arbeitskreis A der Deutschen Rentenversicherung” in Würzburg. Around 30 conference participants visited us to get an insight into our XR research. We presented the demos AIL at Work, Talking to ChatGPT, Virtually Me, Social XR Collaboration Platform, and Resize Me.

Impressions on the 18th of October

Prof. Latoschik and Prof. Wienrich welcoming the visitors in the entrance area of the new CAIDAS building.
Demonstration of the Social XR Collaboration Platform.
Visitors trying out the 'Resize Me!' Demonstration.
Group gathered again in the end for a discussion session.

Demo Showcase on the 20th of October

On the last day of the HCI and PIIS Research Demos Week, we welcomed 14 students from the University of Valle in Colombia. Prof. Dr. Goran Glavaš presented CAIDAS and its research projects to the students. We showcased the ‘Virtually Me’ demo, ‘Talking to ChatGPT’ demo, and ‘Resize Me’ demo to the students.

Impressions on the 20th of October

Introduction of the Virtually Me Demo by Philipp Krop.
Visitors trying out the Virtually Me Demo.
Introduction of the Talking to ChatGPT Demo by Samantha Straka.
Visitors trying out the 'Resize Me!' Demo.

All in all, we are very grateful for the great interest in our work and the positive feedback we received. We were happy to host these demo sessions and to get the chance to show our latest research developments.

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