Human-Computer Interaction

AIL AT WORK visited the Fachkräftekongress to showcase the future of work with embodied AI colleagues

04 Mar 2024

On February 26, members of the AIL AT WORK project team (Fabian Machalett, Philipp Krop, Dr. Astrid Carolus, Prof. Carolin Wienrich) joined the “Fachkräftekongress” in Berlin to show how future work contexts can be enriched by embodied AI colleagues. After an insightful talk by Prof. Wienrich and Astrid Carolus, visitors of the congress could engage in VR environments to test how it feels to interact with embodied AI colleagues. Moreover, they could experience how embodied ChatGPT displayed in the real world using augmented reality can support daily work.
The project demos were well received and led to fruitful discussions about the future direction of work, and the chances, challenges, and future role of embodied AI in virtual and mixed reality work contexts.
More information about the AIL AT WORK project can be found here:


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