Human-Computer Interaction

Embodiment of AI in Virtual Reality

This call for a thesis or project is open for the following modules:
If you are interested, please get in touch with the primary contact person listed below.


VITAS develops innovative intelligent telephone assistants for various configurable scenarios. In this project, such a telephone assistant will be simulated in virtual reality (VR). Specifically, the goal is to simulate and embody an artificial intelligence (AI). The central question is how the embodiment of this AI in virtual reality affects the users. The project therefore includes the development of a VR prototype as well as its evaluation.

The project takes place within the research project AIL@WORK.


The project will focus on the following tasks:

The project will be organized according to the basic principles of SCRUM, an agile project management framework for software development. A group of 4 to 8 students will work as a team.



Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Martin J. Koch

Samantha Straka

Andrea Bartl (Primary Contact Person)

Prof. Carolin Wienrich
Psychologie Intelligenter Interaktiver Systeme, XR Hub Würzburg, Universität Würzburg

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