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Exploring the Future of AI in the Workplace: Insights from the AIL AT WORK Project Team’s Visit to the Denkfabrik Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft

11 Jul 2023

On June 16, members of the “AIL AT WORK” project team (Philipp Krop, Samantha Straka, Prof. Carolin Wienrich) visited the “Denkfabrik Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft” at the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. After a short presentation by Prof. Wienrich on the role and opportunities of AI in the work context, the project team members showed the members of the German Bundestag different virtual reality approaches. They showcased how interaction with AI in future work contexts could look like, how to protect oneself from identity theft in the Metaverse, and how an embodied version of ChatGPT can enrich work in virtual environments.
The projects presented were well received and stimulated discussions about chances, risks, and the future role of AI in the work context.

The demos were developed by the projects “AIL AT WORK” (Samantha Straka, Philipp Krop, David Obremski) and “PriMa” (Jinghuai Lin).

More information about the featured projects can be found here:

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