Human-Computer Interaction
Presentation @ MobileHCI 2021
From 29.09.2021 to 01.10.2021 the paper Grab the Frog about Horst - The Teaching Frog will be presented at the virtual event MobileHCI 2021. Find more information under the following links.
First Aid in Virtual Reality with VRescue
Virtual Reality is capable of providing close to real training oppurtinities. One team from the Games Engineering group strives to make use of this potential by creating a virtual first aid training program. The first results are more than positive.
Human-Computer, Games & Informatics Expo
Save-the-date: The Human-Computer, Games and Informatics Expo will take place on 16th of July 2021.
Boost in Digital Teaching
With about 4.3 million euros the University of Würzburg can advance further in the field of digital teaching. The money originates from a funding pot of the federal and state governments. It was handed out as part of a competition.
New Video @ XR Hub Bavaria
Check out the new video on networking in the XR community & how to help implement new ideas.
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Open Positions

Open Research and PhD Position (TVL E13 100%)
The HCI-group has an open position for a research assistant (and PhD candidate) in the general area of interactive systems and related research projects, e.g., VR, AR, avatars, or multimodal interfaces.
Student Worker for Public Relations Wanted!
We have an open position for a motivated student worker that is willing to contribute in increasing the public visibility of project results, successes, and opportunities at the HCI chair.
Student Worker for the ILAST project
We have an open position for a motivated student employee in a very interesting VR project!
Student Workers for the CoTeach Project
We are looking for student workers to help develop and investigate fully immersive learning environments
Student Worker for the XRoads Project
We have an open position for a motivated student that is willing to contribute in the XRoads Project.

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