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Ceremonial inauguration of the CAIDAS building

19 Apr 2024

On Friday, 19.04.2023, the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (CAIDAS) was officially opened by the Bavarian Minister of Science Markus Blume. This building is home to various research groups working on the topic of AI, including the groups led by Prof. Wienrich (PIIS) and Prof. Latoschik (HCI). The official part of the ceremony was marked by speeches from the Bavarian minister of science Markus Blume, university president Prof. Pauli and CAIDAS spokesperson Prof. Hotho.

PIIS and HCI Contributed with Various Demos

The highlight of the official part was a demonstrator of the AIL AT Work project modified by Philipp Krop. In this demonstrator, a virtual avatar of Prof. Pauli took over part of the opening speech and then answered questions from the audience. After the official opening, various demos of the PIIS and HCI Group were shown in the CAIDAS building. Minister Blume was among the onlookers. Prof. Wienrich and Prof. Latoschik also took guests on a specially arranged demo tour of the individual demonstrators and provided interesting insights into the current state of research.

The pictures shows university president Prof. Pauli and Bavarian minister for science Markus Blume. Prof. Pauli’s virtual avatar can be seen in the background. (Foto: Daniel Peter)

Philipp Krop was responsible for the technical realization of the opening ceremony.

Markus Blume trying out his brand new avatar in the motion capture lab.

Press Reports

The opening was also accompanied by various press reports.

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