Human-Computer Interaction

Plausibilität in VR

This project is already completed.


Following the newly proposed CaP model by Latoschik & Wienrich students will look at plausibility and congruence in virtual reality. At this point it is unclear how different aspects, like the physical behavior, sounds, lighting, etc., affect the perceived plausibility of a VR environment. The goal of this project is to identify interesting aspects of VR and how the plausibility of them can be manipulated. These breaks in plausibility should be implemented into different VR applications. A user study will be conducted to research which of these breaks were most influential to the perceived plausibility.


The project will focus on the following tasks:

The project will be organized according to the basic principles of SCRUM, an agile project management framework for software development. A group of 4 to 8 students will work as a team.

Note: This topic is also suitable for bachelor theses. In case you would like to do your thesis within this project, please contact the supervisors for more details.




The project is conducted within the XR Hub Würzburg.

Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Larissa Brübach (Primary Contact Person)
XR Hub Würzburg, Mensch-Computer-Interaktion, Universität Würzburg

Andrea Bartl (Primary Contact Person)
Mensch-Computer-Interaktion, Universität Würzburg

Marc Erich Latoschik
Mensch-Computer-Interaktion, XR Hub Würzburg, Universität Würzburg

Carolin Wienrich
Psychologie Intelligenter Interaktiver Systeme, XR Hub Würzburg, Universität Würzburg

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