Human-Computer Interaction

Graphical User Interface for Learning Classifier System

This project is already completed.


A Learning Classifier System (LCS) is a rule-based machine learning approach. An ordinary user might not have in depth knowledge how an intelligent system such as an LCS would work. The idea here is to create a GUI to interact with the LCS’s learning machinary, which consists of several interacting components including a large rule population and several algorithms, so that a user can understand the workings of LCS, and modify the rules and various parameters based on one’s needs. The target users are novices. So the UI and work flow have to be self explanatory.


  1. User-centered engineering approach to create a GUI for managing an LCS
  2. Design and develop a UI to interact with the learning machinary
  3. Provide visualisations necessary for better understanding of the system

Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Sebastian von Mammen
Games Engineering, Universität Würzburg

Sooraj K Babu (Primary Contact Person)
Games Engineering, Universität Würzburg


  2. Learning Classifier Systems - A Complete Introduction, Review, and Roadmap -
  3. Introduction to learning classifier systems -
  4. ExSTraCS 2.0 - description and evaluation of a scalable learning classifier system -
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