Human-Computer Interaction



VRescue is a virtual reality application that teaches about the important aspects of first aid in a controlled digital environment. By providing the opportunity to repeatedly train all emergency care measures and thus bringing them to perfection, it can help to save lives.

Current Research

At the moment the research is focused on object-user interaction with the help of guided kinematics. This concept allows easy movement of the akinetic patient’s body parts without complex background calculations. The current demo features the task of learning the different steps of resuscitation with the help of so called ghost controllers, that provide a visual guide to the needed actions.

Future Extension

Hereupon all first aid measures such as bleeding care and shock therapy will be included and furthermore the program will be aggravated by affecting the accident victim’s health due to possibly wrong choices.


The project was recently funded by the IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt and the Universitätsbund Würzburg e.V. with the ‘Universitätsförderpreis 2020’.

Funding and Collaboration


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