Human-Computer Interaction

HCI in first place in the CSR ranking

14 Nov 2023

The Chair of Human-Computer Interaction at JMU researches highly immersive and interactive Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality systems for over 10 years. As a member of the Faculties of Mathematics and Computer Science and Human Sciences, the group researches innovative computer science solutions with human-centered and evidence-based methods in interdisciplinary approaches. Extensive cooperation with working groups within the JMU, especially with the Psychology of Intelligent Interactive Systems, but also with the Chairs of Data Science, Psychology, Psychological Ergonomics and many others, as well as with external partners such as the Chair of Computer Graphics at TU Dortmund University, have led to significant visibility at national and international levels over the past 10 years. In the Computer Science Ranking, the Chair of Human-Computer Interaction at JMU now achieves top rankings over the years 2013-2023 and is listed in 1st place in Germany, 3rd place in Europe and 6th place worldwide.



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