Human-Computer Interaction

The HCI and PIIS group moved to a new Building!

13 Sep 2023

The HCI group moved to a new building at Hubland North. Together with the PIIS group we are now located in the first floor of Building 50, also known as the new CAIDAS building or the Institute Building for Artificial Intelligence (for more info also have a look at this article). The new adress is “Emil-Fischer-Straße 50”. We are very happy about this upgrade for our offices and labs.

With the exception of the Black and Whitelab, all labs have also moved. These are located either on the ground level or on the 1st floor of the new building. Black- and Whitelab will also be moved to the new building in the near future.

New Location

Our new location is described here

Impressions from the new Building

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