Human-Computer Interaction

Save The Date: Würtual Reality 2023

07 Mar 2023

From April 11th to 13th, the Würtual Reality XR Meeting 2023 will take place at the University of Würzburg, Germany. The aim of the event is to connect researchers utilizing VR, AR, or XR technology. Participants have the chance to showcase, share, and debate the most recent XR research and challenges related to the use of these techniques. Keynote speakers will be Domna Banakou and Anna Felnhofer. Within the event, participants can gain new skills through interactive workshops. Our engaging social program provides ample opportunities to build professional connections and foster community.

As part of the program on Tuesday 11th at 15pm, a shuttlebus will take interested participants to the Human-Computer-Interaction Lab where we will offer live demonstrations of our latest research projects. Various snacks and refreshments will be served aswell.

Registration for the event is still possible up until the 31st of March here:

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