Human-Computer Interaction

Summer Elective: Interactive Stories & Playable Narratives

07 Feb 2023

With in-person courses in full swing, we are resuming our greatly successful collaborative teaching efforts together with Profs. Henning Rogge-Pott and Nicholas Müller from the THWS. Together with students from THWS’ faculty of design, we will focus on agency and stories in interactive contexts, conceptualise according plots and systems and put them into action. The first iteration of this course took place three years before. Take a glance at some of its results here:

The course is open for Games Engineering students starting in their 3rd semester and above as the module “Selected Topics of Games Engineering”. Computer Science MSc students can alternatively also take the course as a “Game Research Lab”. Since the semester starts sooner at THWS, we will join weekly sessions Wednesday afternoons starting 29. March.

Please send your applications for enrollment (background, motivation) by email until 10. March to:

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