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Gravity Boots - Game Lab I Game of the Year 2021 [Updated]

05 Jul 2022

The Games Award 2021

During the Zoompresentation of the Games Engineering Group on February 7th at 12 o’clock, the Game of the Year Award was granted to the best GameLab I Project.

In the Game Lab I lecture, students develop a game over 2 semesters using either the Unity or Unreal Engine.

The Jury

The jury deciding on the winner of this year’s award consisted of:

  1. Reinhard Döpfer: HandyGames
  2. Dorian Auer: Ubisoft Blue Byte
  3. Simone Lackerbauer: Games Bavaria
  4. Sebastian von Mammen: Games Engineering, Würzburg

Prizes (Update)

We are happy to finally report that finalists and the GOTY winner were able to receive their designated prizes. Many thanks to Handy Games for providing t-shirts, games and mascots. On the picture you can see the finalists (from left to right) Tim Grün, Annika Meeß, Yannick Bruneß, Kai Schiesser, and Nico Bischoff (GOTY winner Frederic Thoma is unfortunately not in the picture).

Nominated Games

If you want to play the nominated games, you can find them in this Game Lab I Collection marked with the label: “Nominated for GotY of Gamelab I 2021”


Gravity Boots by Frederic Thoma

Honorable mentions

Back in Time by Jan von Pichowski and Tim Grün

Dispatch by Yannick Bruneß

Elementals by Nico Bischoff and Kai Schiesser

Toss It! An Unfrogettable Adventure by Annika Meeß

Other nominees

Cake Venture by Jonas Ludwig and Elias Goebel

Convenient Chameleon by Sven Gerlach

Flow by Alina Deuerling

Patience is no Virtue by David Bergmann

Space Stowaway by Bengisu Çetinkaya and Maximilian Zang

There Is A Ghost In The System by Jessica Topel

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