Human-Computer Interaction

2. Meeting of ZD.B Innovation Lab Coaches

26 Nov 2018

On 26 and 27 November ZD.B innovation lab coaches met at the Zentrum für Digitale Innovationen (ZDI) Mainfranken in Würzburg.

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First day

On 26 November 2018 the coaches met for a coaching workshop in the premises of the ZDI Mainfranken. In the workshop the coaches dealt with useful methods of negotiation and project management for application in cooperation projects between science and economy. The speaker of the workshop was Prof. Dr. Harald Wehnes, who has been, among other things, head of the program committee of the PM-Forum for five years.

Second day

On 27 November the coaches had a meeting at the University Würzburg. This semi-annual meeting deals with the question of what lessons the coaches can learn from their previous work in the innovation laboratories.

Then the participants discussed further potential steps and developed suggestions on how the ZD.B can continue to include the competences of the innovation laboratory coaches. Concrete suggestions for workshop topics and possibilities how new coaches can be introduced to the work in the innovation laboratories as quickly and easily as possible were developed. The coaches exchanged views on the proposed solutions and used the opportunity to network.

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