Human-Computer Interaction

HCI at the Campusfestival 2018

10 Jul 2018

Campusfestival 2018

In bright sunshine, young and old flocked across the campus festival grounds and were offered a varied selection of attractions. The HCI booth was also very well attended. The social robot Reeti attracted the audience to our booth and advertised the work of our chair. The guided tours through our laboratory were also very well received. The demos from all areas of the chair could be tried out in small groups of up to 12 people for 45 minutes.



Demo: Social Robots

At our booth, Reeti, our social robot welcomes you. He has no arms or legs - his special feature is his expressive face. Many small motors allow him to move his eyes, mouth and ears. We ask ourselves many fascinating questions: How should a robot behave? What should it look like?

Mensch- Computer- Systeme

Demo: Interactive tabletop role playing game

As part of the XRoads project, the tabletop role-playing game Quest V1 prototype was created. It is based on the board game with the same name. The game combines new interaction styles and game mechanics. The main goals of the prototype were to combine the advantages of digital and analog games.

Games Engineering

Demo: GameLabs

In the first year of their studies, the students developed interactive games prototypes. Two of them are presented. “Forest of the Lost” is a crossover of survival strategies and role-playing game and “Blockformer” is a creative and fast 3D platformer.

Here are some impressions of the festival

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