Human-Computer Interaction

BadMe - Understanding the customer!

19 Dec 2017

In our Embodiment Lab students learn how to develop a product in a user-centered process. In the BadMe: Troublemaker Embodiment project teams of students create new characters and animations for the Breaking Bad Behavior system. This system simulates a virtual classroom and is already used in seminars for students of school pedagogy.

At first we had a meeting with our customer. The team presented their product ideas and discussed them with Christian Seufert of the Chair of School Pedagogy.

The week after we did a contextual inquiry. We visited the seminar, to see the actual context in which our product will be used. This way students learn to see the product from the customer’s point of view. Contextual inquiry helps understanding the customer and his needs.

In the seminar, students enter the virtual classroom and practice pedagogical methods.

The other students see the person who acts as the teacher, as well as two different views of the virtual classroom: The view of the teacher (left) and the view of the person who controls the behavior of the virtual class (right).

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