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iLAST - First review meeting with the customer!

30 Nov 2017

We had our first official review meeting with our costumer Dr. Stephan Reppenhagen of the orthopaedic clinic König-Ludwig-Haus in Würzburg. The team presented a first concept for their product: a VR training system for post-operative therapy treatment after knee injuries. Part of the meeting was the presentation of the first prototype. The customer had the chance to try out the application. The team received a lot of valuable feedback for the next project steps.

This screenshot of the first prototype shows a person in the virtual environment that can see himself in a virtual mirror. The actual person wearing the HMD would see through the eyes of the virtual character. Patients will be able to control their position and posture via their reflection.

For a full overview over the ILAST proect, the system and its features visit the ilast-Website:

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