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Terra X “Supertalent Mensch” on the Unreal Pit

11 Dec 2014

The Terra X TV show broadcasts two episodes on people with extraordinary capabilities and skills. Lukas Irmler, a very talented and well-known slackliner tries his skills in the unreal pit at the HCI group’s VR lab. How will he perform the immersive tasks? See it for yourself December 21st on ZDF.

From the teaser:

They calculate as good as any electronic calculator, they dive with just one breath of air into hostile depths or they overcome their physical restrictions by meditation: Supertalent Mensch portraits humans with extraordinary skills and capabilities and seeks for scientific explanations: Which skills are inherited? Which skills are learned and trained? Can ordinary humans unleash their potential as well?

The Terra X special Supertalent Mensch has two episodes, The HCI lab will be shown during the second episode:

  1. Episode 1, 04.12.2014 19:30 (ZDF): „Die Körperbeherrscher“
  2. Episode 2, 21.12.2014 19:30 (ZDF): „Die Geistesgiganten“

Episode description by ZDF

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