Human-Computer Interaction

GEtiT: Development of GEtiT VR



GEtiT, the Gamified Training Environment for Affine Transformations, is a demonstrator for the Gamified Knowledge Encoding that directly encodes abstract knowledge in game mechanics for the purpose of an optimal transfer-oriented knowledge training. GEtiT achieves an intuitive training of affine transformations in an engaging 3D environment and helps learners to develop an in-depth understanding of this complex learning content.


This project aims at the further improvement of GEtiT by implementing a VR version.

  1. Conceptualization of a spatial user interface and input mechanics optimized for VR gameplay
  2. Implementation of the concepts
  3. Evaluation of GEtiT VR’s usability, presence, flow and workload


Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Sebastian Oberdörfer (Primary Contact Person)
Human-Computer Interaction, Universität Würzburg

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