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HistKI: AI-based support of image source research and criticism


HistKI models the process of image research and criticism from the perspective of computer support and extends from a historical-scientific-methodological perspective the explanation models that have so far mostly been problem-related or infrastructural.

In all historical sciences, source criticism serves the purpose of classifying and analyzing a source from which interpretation and theory-building start. Beyond the specifics of the research question, some fundamental subproblems can be identified with regard to the subtype of visual source: Which objects are depicted in the images? How were image arrangements chosen? How do arrangements connote specific representational intentions? What are motif- or arrangement-like images (“visual quotations”)? To when do pictures date? What are the specific characteristics of an artist’s oeuvre as a producer of images?


Dr. Florian Niebling

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Florian Niebling
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Dr. Florian Niebling


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