Human-Computer Interaction

Digitalisierungszentrum Präzisions- und Telemedizin (DZ.PTM)


This project serves to gradually establish the structure of the Digitalisierungszentrums Präzisions- und Telemedizin (DZ.PTM) Würzburg – Bad Kissingen as a virtual centre spread over three locations: the University Hospital, the University of Würzburg, and the ZTM in Bad Kissingen. These locations are designated to develop, test and implement digitisation projects across Bavaria to support patient care and research.

The infrastructure to be set up will be used to implement a pilot project for knowledge-based service management in radiology. The project targets to reduce workload for physicians and to improve the quality of treatment with a focus on patients with rare diseases. In addition, the pilot project promotes the development of a Testbed for the early development and testing of digitisation projects in the health care sector.

The DZ.PTM will also cooperate closely with the funding measure “BASE-Net” (electronic patient file of the Bavarian Centers for Rare Diseases) under the leadership of the University Clinics of Regensburg and Würzburg.




The first subgoal of the project is to rework the process of ordering a clinical treatment. Our task is to provide a prototype with an intuitive user interface and good user experience. We gathered the requirements of the physicians by doing a contextual inquiry.

In July, we finished the requirement analysis and refined the data into a new vision and storyboards illustrating the new process. Afterwards we gathered feedback and reworked the vision multiple times. At the end of the year we started prototyping by creating and testing a paper prototype.


The year started with us reworking the prototype into a more and more digital version based on the feedback of the physicians. We are planning on finishing prototyping until the end of March.

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