Human-Computer Interaction

User-Persona Generator



Any product or software that comes out of a user-centred approach has to be evaluated with users. But often, finding an apropritate user base is a tedious task. Instead of going to individual users, we intend to create an engine that generates user personas upon specifying the requirements. For example, someone who needs to test a system can specify their requirements such as the domain of user, expertise, profession etc, and use the generated profiles to test/evaluate any tool such as a recommender system or an assistance engine to support a user base.


  1. Create a tool to generate user profiles abiding to the specified requirements
  2. Develop a GUI to provide the requirements
  3. Intended use - Evaluation of a platform/tool/system

Research Questions

Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Sebastian von Mammen
Games Engineering, Universität Würzburg

Sooraj K Babu (Primary Contact Person)
Games Engineering, Universität Würzburg


  1. Creating an Ontology for the User Profile - Method and Applications -
  2. Adaptive web search based on user profile constructed without any effort from users
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