Human-Computer Interaction

Student Worker for the VIA-VR Project (ELSI)

14 Nov 2022

General Information

VIA-VR Project

The VIA-VR project (project homepage) is concerned with developing a software platform to assist in creating and developing VR applications in the fields of therapy, rehabilitation, prevention, and training. The focus is on supporting personnel who work in these four areas and therefore have little or no experience with programming or software development. The project is divided into several subgroups with different focuses. The focus of this job is to investigate the ELSI (Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications) challenges that might arise during the rapid technological developments of the project. You will work closely with the project partners from Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsburg (EHL) to assess and evaluate the VIA-VR application/components with the end users. This work will be co-supervised by EHL and JMU, financed by EHL, and conducted at JMU.

Field of work

Your employment on the ELSI side of the VIA-VR project may involve various tasks. That might include:

  1. Technology-oriented evaluation components that span several application fields, such as: a. Gait rehabilitation and physical therapy
    b. Fire exposure therapy
    c. Drug prevention in traffic
    d. Medical training
  2. Evaluation topics regarding user experience in general: a. Usability and User Experience of the application
    b. Evaluation of project components such as Supervision Monitor, Physiological Measurements Engine, Recommender System for User Guidance, etc
    c. Evaluation of the usage of hardware equipment(s)
    d. Evaluation of application options
  3. Evaluation of topics regarding ELSI:
    a. Relationships and communication
    b. Learning and training
    c. Collaboration with other professionals
    d. Respect for autonomy, beneficence, participation
    e. Privacy, data protection
    f. Future steps

We offer:



If there are still any questions about this job posting or the project, feel free to email Andreas Halbig ( or in English to Sooraj K Babu (
Note: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Brukamp (Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsburg) will primarily supervise the work

Informal application:

Have we aroused your interest? Then send us an informal application! Please describe yourself briefly as a person, your previous experience, and your career in the university environment. Send your informal application to Andreas Halbig ( or in English to Sooraj K Babu ( After we have received your application, we will contact you and arrange a meeting if necessary. We are looking forward to your application!

Legal Information